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The Thinking Viking recently posted about seeing some chickens by the roadside, and postulated a bit about why they had not crossed the road.

Then I thought about it some more.  I do that sometimes. Can’t help it.

What if said chickens had ALREADY crossed the road? Can it be that the age old question is meaningless unless you have more data?  Such as observing the chickens crossing as they commit the famed deed? I did theorize the issue was more one of motivation, that we shouldn’t ask WHY the chicken crossed the road, but rather why the chicken wanted to.

Either way, those chickens have stayed put.

Ug, It’s been a long day. I only get these thoughts when I’m tired and brain-strained.

The road is dangerous as fuck. Plenty of “superior” humans get killed crossing the road every day. Why in the hell would a chicken try this?

The answer?  It’s pretty obvious. To get to a better life. Something desirable was there, so they went for it. Some didn’t make it. Some didn’t find what they thought they had seen. Some just got there, just right then crossed, and are testing the waters, so to speak. (I don’t think chickens swim, but meh) . Some hit paydirt. (And they can fly. We tend to forget that – these are free range chickens, and while they don’t fly so great, they CAN fly. Much safer to fly over the road than to walk across it.  But I digress.)

Last Chicken/Road post I concluded that it might be good if more people were like the chicken who did not cross the road – content with what they had.

Today, I think I am the chicken who just now crossed the road. Maybe someday I’ll share about my newish  job. I am honestly happy to have the opportunity.

Anyhow, by all means, consider crossing the road.  One of my favorite poems (yes, The Thinking Viking likes poetry. Some.) is The Road Less Traveled – Robert Frost. Google it, not gonna bother with a link.  Cross the road, take the side street,  go one more exit before pulling over for fuel. Turn off the mental GPS and wing it.  I just last night ran a routine 2+ miles on a leg doctors told me would maybe be capable of a “little jogging”. I ran a 10K last fall, among the regular daily-runner type finishers.  I crossed that broken leg road a while back, and I’ll keep crossing roads untill I die.

Since I am still awake, gonna post this tagless and get back to y’all later.

Think about it, though, in the meantime?