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The Thinking Viking did his part for democracy.

And I will do it again and again as required.

I went to the Colorado Democratic Caucus on Super Tuesday 2016.    My precinct went for #TeamBerrnie 27-17.  (ed:  see the caucus rules.  Since HRC got more than a.5 delegate mathematically, and we round up, so…  Only two delegates per precinct, so despite a 10 point win, Bernie only got one of two delegates.  Bear in mind this is just the first stage of a four stage process before the all or nothing state convention. ) When we asked for delegates for the next level, we got two volunteers.  One for Hillary, one for Bernie.  We straw-poll voted a caucus chairman and secretary.  We played by the rules.  We had two delegates to chose.  Bernie’s was easy.

When we asked for delegates for Hillary,  only one stood up.  When we asked for alternates “just in case”…no one stood.  Crickets.

Crickets..and awkward silence  for the alternate Hillary delegate.

More awkward silence

The Bernie team is looking at team Hillary  kinda going Hey, who is gonna stand up and take that back up spot?  We have five people willing to be alternate delegates for Bernie….

Yeah, someone finally stood up and reluctantly took that alternate Hillary delegate spot.


Bernie won the precinct vote 27-17.

Yeah, not electable at all.

Think about it






The Thinking Viking isn’t going to write a long piece, but I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I would share this.

I was a.. kinda rebellious teenager, and my mom got breast cancer when I was 16.  This was before her diagnosis, but after I was a quasi adult with a job and an old used POS  BMW model 2002.


<HUGE ARGUMENT ABOUT BULLSHIT like not taking out the trash within 30 minutes of being asked.  It was weird, she’d see me reading, interrupt me, ask a question about the kitchen trash, I’d say I would take out the trash after I finished the chapter, 45 minutes later and she is SCREAMING   at  me for ignoring her, meanwhile, the epic sci fi fantasy chapter I was buried in had three pages to go).>I point out the fact I am reading the book she gave me.</HUGE ARGUMENT ABOUT BULLSHIT>

Then..  she blows up about the dishes….

And she says :”You god-damned-son-of -a-bitch”..

I agreed, and quietly closed the door.

Nine years later, no more mom.

Cancer sucks.

I will add more to this later.

The Thinking Viking is angry.  (update:still angry)

I’ve put up with it for a long time.  “Freedom of speech” they say.  Then they lie, and spew hate…a hundred years ago they would have been standing on a street corner, ignored by most as raving lunatics.   Maybe if it was printed in a newspaper we would lend these sort of words some credence (hmmm slippery slope here) .

Who believes THAT? We would say as we walked past.  Wow, now that dude is deranged – get him a tinfoil hat! haha.  We would turn our heads and with simple quiet social pressure make it clear that these ideas were not OK.  It’s OK to talk about them, but to give audience to lies gives power.

In those past days, those lunatics would reach maybe two other people  who would listen, and they would be exhausted from shouting into the crowds of people ignoring them.

Now we have the internet, FOX News, CNN, Twitter.

One public misguided comment can now reach millions.  A repeated flawed, borderline evil idea, re-spewed by thousands of public figures with perceived authority, can convince people of fucking anything.

Convince them that grabbing a gun and marching down to Planned Parenthood – to stop the sale of unborn baby parts to Al Qaeda before Obama takes your guns – is the best course of action on Thanksgiving weekend.

When your words have a body count, you are responsible.  Even if you didn’t pull the trigger.

This has been edited post publishing

Had to get this out.

Still thinking about it.



ed:  One hundred years ago we didn’t have aluminum foil to make hats from.  My bad.






The Thinking Viking has seen his fair share of candidates speak. It is not my first rodeo, as they say.

From Jerry Brown in a Colorado Community College years ago to Ron Paul on the University of California – Berkeley grounds in 2012  (I was there as an observer, more for entertainment than support; please see ), to actually caring enough as a 20-30 something to follow presidential politics and watch these paper puppet$ fight for slices of a pie. I got so pissed off I was a libertarian for a while. That didn’t last… once I really thought about it.

Now I have seen Bernie Sanders.   And I have a good feeling about this man.

We made our way to Bernie’s rally in Boulder on 10/10/2015, after securing tickets from a campaign volunteer my wife knows.  Traffic was heavy but we got lucky and scored a shady parking spot nearby. We made our way to the gates, met up with our friend, gave her a ticket, and went in.  That was …. interesting.

As we went through security to the event with our locally released only limited issue tickets, the “guard” asked “Kristin” (not her real name – this si my old friend) …asked her to open her purse as a check for weapons etc..and then asked what was “in that container…” – “Is it marijuana?” He asked casually.

Those words that would mean jail time a few years back. but.. Colorado, you know? 2015. So, he really didn’t need to ask. It was clearly labeled as such, with a tax stamp and everything.

“Yes, it is. It’s medical, here’s my card.” She says, opening her wallet to show a green cross card.

“OK, go on in.”

Times are changing.

So there I was with my wife and an old friend from my dangerous years, sitting in a crowd of at least 9,000 people, on the deep soft turf of the center lawn of Potts Field, East Campus, University of Colorado, Boulder – my Alma Mater, BTW, 1999 grad. – on a bright warm Saturday afternoon. October 10, 2015. My how things have changed.

So the crowd kept coming, pouring in like a slow stampede. We bought t-shirts, got free bumper stickers, and jockeyed for position to see the stage. The rather short stage. Bad ass sound system, through, fit a for a rock concert. Flat field. Not a venue for short people to see the guest of honor in what quickly became standing room only. We were somewhere in the middle, and I couldn’t see the edge of the crowd, even being slightly above average height wise. My.. vertically challenged wife had no nope hope beyond a lucky peek through the crowd.

The crowd. Not just students by a LONG shot. The slightly-older-than-us couple behind us looked like they walked over from their porch on a lazy afternoon, smelled of beer, but looked quite happy. Next to us, three (four? one left) most-likely-freshmen girls with a dude who must have been one of their fathers. Smiling and happy, girls all seated on the grass in a circle on some sort of media streaming the speech they were too short to see. Next to us, a young Hispanic couple, a group of frat boys all in Bernie t-shirts a size too small (they ran out of “Large” – I feel your problem dudes, the shirt I got is kinda small), a circle of aging hippies dancing to the music with their eyes blissfully closed, a gang of spandex clad bikers, sans bikes who really should have taken off their helmets – blocking sight, you know? And dozens and dozens of ordinary people in sunglasses, t-shirts, water bottles, smartphones, some alone, some on twos, small groups… honestly if felt like a music festival, atmosphere wise. Who ever was DJing the pre-speech music was making people dance. 🙂

And moving through the crowd slowly, several people with cameras with optics good enough to get good shots from this far from the stage. Like me. Yeah, camera phones are handy, but it hard to beat a 20x optical zoom on a 16 MP Canon DSLR.

So I got to see him speak. Got to look in his eyes. I saw an old man. An angry man. A old, fierce warrior, but a warrior proven in battle and old enough that if he put away his sword and shield no one would question. A grandfather. But… more warrior, more knight than elderly statesman. He never unbuckled that sword, his shield he carries with him daily. Still fights every  day for what is right and just. Still fierce and dangerous. Saying what no one has had the guts to stand up and say. He’s been doing it for years, and I think part of the look in his eyes is the look of a man who is sad that it took this long for people to listen. That, as his age, he has to lead his government away from the madness that should be painfully clear we are steaming toward, like some mad runaway train. So he takes a deep breath, forgets his age, and bellows in rage.

IMG_1975IMG_1986 IMG_1981 IMG_1978 IMG_1976 IMG_1962

I feel it, too. It’s why I took to the streets with Occupy and Anonymous. (..And why I still do.)

There is something rotten in the state of Denmark. (ed: HAMLET QUOTE – Shakespeare…. arr  gg)
I’ve smelled it for years.

Bernie smells it too.

From Citizens United and Super PACs buying our elections, partisan politics producing nothing solutions, to the military industrial complex having a strangle hold on foreign policy, media controlled by a third shadow power, to trade laws and patent laws that only help shareholders, to Big Pharma, big agriculture the EPA and the FDA all trading people and favors, the federal reserve and our love affair with Wall Street that only helps the 1%, to the insanity that the Tea Party has tap danced into.. to the Evangelical right and the bigotry they show and how it’s being used to pit american against american…I could go on. The police.  The drug war.  Private prisons.  And on. And on.

But – it all fits. He’s right. If we don’t do SOMETHING we are not going to leave this world a better place. It’s time for a socio-political revolution. The revolution won’t be televised. That battle has been lost. But we are legion. We have the internet, we have millions of cameras, millions of facebook, youtube, instragram, etc account.  Boots on the ground. Each of us is a point of contact with people every day who are being slowly crushed by what our country is becoming.  We can fight the money, fight that corruption, with our own hands, our own energy.  Too long we have just sat back and taken it.

I won’t take it anymore. Now I have an ally in someone with the potential to be the most influential man on Earth; he sees what I see. It’s time for Team Bernie to rise. I fund his campaign.  Only politician in my entire life I have given money to fund a campaign.  He’s earned it, he deserves it, and America deserves Bernie Sanders.

I #FeelTheBern. I have said it before, I am saying it again. I want Bernie Sanders to be the next President of the United States of America.

Think about it.




So, here I am, right where I was last night.  On a concrete porch with a laptop and a cup of coffee.  Musing.

So here goes.

I’m worried about my kids.

“Wait, what?  Kids?  Is there something you’re not telling us?” the audience gasps… they think, hmm he never said he didnt have kids…

Well, technically, I don’t.  What I do have is a young heart, an open mind and a sympathetic ear.  Kids today are awesome, actually.  Yeah, they screw up, but thats what they do.  They learn from these mistakes, and they learn by watching the very elders they mock and rebel against.  and that’s what I have discovered I have become.  Simply by surviving and having an interesting life, and being willing to share it, I have somehow become a mentor to a crew of kids half my age, several of whom barely know one another.  Ah, technology, and these, these are my kids.  Some of them are, in fact, your kids.  So, as a childless rebel with a bit of a Peter Pan complex, I share these bits.  Not claiming any great insight, just my words on the topic as a grown up the kids talk to because I am NOT their father.

They learn by watching what we, the grown ups, actually DO.  No, 21 years old is NOT grown up. Yet.

I won’t tell you what this should be.  I will say what it should not be.

Don’t lie unless you have to.
Don’t tell them what to think, they have minds of their own, as they should. Suggestions are OK.
Don’t ignore painful truth.  They will find out, and its not much different than lying.
Don’t teach them hate.
Don’t let them think they are the center of the universe and can do no wrong or never fail.  This is also a lie.
Don’t let them think they are a tiny spec amidst a stormcloud who will get lost in the multitude of faceless minions – this is only true if you let them think it is.  That tiny spec could change the world.
I guess that last one is for all of us.

This world we are leaving our kids is getting more and more fucked the longer we sit on our asses and argue about politics and religion and money while the goddamn roof is on fire.

And so I fight.  Be it with words on a screen or my boots and camera in the streets, I fight.  I stand and speak, and I listen.  I point things out.  This is a beautiful world, and some are just watching it burn.  I am taking arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing,seek to tend them.  I won’t tell you what to fight for, but I beg you to think about it.  Let truth guide you, not hearsay (just to be clear, this means researching bullshit on your own and not getting it from your TV or pet internet media site).  Do the math. Look behind the curtain.  Make sure YOU are not hiding behind a curtain of your own devising.

This being said, I want to lay a few truths out. No, you are not going to get Ebola from a Coors light can.  That Coors Light will only get you mocked.  The climate IS changing.  Modern medicine, by and large, works*.  (That is a WHOLE can of worms, which I will touch on again in the future). It is literally true that we could feed and shelter the entire world’s human population, right now, if we just stopped fucking killing each other over bullshit.  Racism is not dead, and sometimes having a gun is very helpful.  Don’t trust people who refer to a pet as “it” – pets are people.  Walmart is not a person*  (massive can of worms THERE also, again, for later)

Think about it.


Long Time, No Thinking

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The Thinking Viking is angry.  I won’t go into details, but I have been face to face with Oakland, CA riot geared police a couple-ish years back.  I am a good looking, reasonably dressed,  tallish (5’11”?)  early middle aged white man with an expensive camera and photo ID on a security badge from work.  They don’t fuck with me, by and large, because I also don’t fuck with them. I’m not an idiot. They have guns and they kill people.  I have pictures I won’t share.  Had I been in Ferguson, MO and instead of being a well equipped with technology white male I had been another black teen kid  named Michael Brown,   who was just walking down the street – walking as I am want to do at night myself. I could well have been gunned down by an overzealous, over empowered, belligerent “I’m not racist” white cop.  Just sayin’.  I react to police abuse, and I am suspecting that the reasons I was never arrested in those situations was my camera, my skin color, and my clothing/gear.


Think about it.



The Thinking Viking took a hit with the Boston Marathon Bombings. I was writing a bit on domestic terrorism.  Well, timing was ..poor and I will be revisiting that bit. but I was just sitting outside and it began to rain.  We here in Norcal need this.  it felt good falling on my face.  And the rain just stopped.  Eh, it’s a start.

But it reminds me – the fire in my heart aint out.   “To the last, I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart, I stab at thee; for hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.” – um, I think this was General Custer?  Hey Corporate Powers/shadowmoney/1%? You are my white whale….You who hate for nothing but hate’s sake? Deniers of truth?  Expect more from this channel.

Think about it and we’ll talk soon.