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The Thinking Viking loves animals. I cannot recall a time as an adult when I haven’t had a pet of some sort, even if it was just say, a fish tank. Right now, I have my Dwarf Australian Parrot, Cray Z. Bird, to keep me company.  We chat and he loves to play “fetch” with spare change, a game we call “Show me the money”- you can watch us here:  (play in full screen mode – he moves quick and in small windows it is hard to see the money) .

But, I digress. New friends.  At the old place, there was the cat upstairs, the tree frog, the snails, and of course, the turkeys.    Here’s a pic and a blog for it.  They were my “friends” and it was cool to watch the baby turkeys grow up. So, now, I’m not there…I’m here and this weekend I met two new friends.  Mr. Squirrel and Hummingbird.  Hummingbird showed up right as we were done cleaning the yard – mentioned before, it needed help, brush cutting, trash removal/recycled yada yada – well Hummingbird shows up and zooms around, then checks out us humans.  Hovering right in front of me I swear he looked me in the eye, for a good twenty seconds or so.  Days in hummingbird time.  Same deal with my human friend – checked her out carefully.  Then ZOOM off and about his business. Interesting. If I was the paranoid type I say it was actually a government spy-bird-drone.

Mr. Squirrel showed up as night was approaching.  Perched on a limb, same deal as the bird – staring at us.  I take some picture – it is a very handsome squirrel, I dare say.  Sleek and well fed. Bushy tailed.  Dammit, I have a picture, but this blasted laptop isn’t recognizing the memory card. Alright, I’ll add that later.  Mr. Squirrel then proceeds to start chatting , I chat back, we go on like this for half an hour at least.  He was still up there when I went in for dinner.

And I just realized I neglected to mention that the Dad and son who I moved in with – also are now friends.  Things are looking good.

I usually sign off with a “think about it”, but there’s not much to think about this time.

Type at you later.



As a kid, my mom shared a bit of wisdom she claimed to be a weather forecasting trick used by native Americans. She said “Indians”, bet meh, times have changed. I have no idea if this bit of wisdom this is true, or if it is, if the native Americans she told me about actually used this to forecast the weather, but it made me think today.

It is pretty simple.  Birds have feathers, and most are not all that water proof. Wet birds have trouble flying, so it stands to reason that when it rains, most birds take refuge in some nice tree. But sometimes, you see birds walking around in the rain, pecking at bugs etc in the grass, foraging and getting wet. Why? The story goes that birds have  a sense of the weather, and that if the rain is going to be just a shower or other brief event, they shelter themselves.  But if those same birds sense that the rain isn’t stopping anytime soon, they bite the bullet and get wet, because, well, they’re hungry and its worse to go hungry than it is to get wet. So if it is raining, and the birds are out in it, you can also infer the rain is going to stick around, and you might want to reconsider plans to have that picnic later in the day.

If people were birds, we’d be out in the rain these days, because it doesn’t look like it’s letting up anytime soon.

Think about it.