Long time, no post…

Posted: April 7, 2018 in My Whirled

The Thinking Viking has been preoccupied with.. things.  This is an unspell checked striaght text post.

There’s a lot more grey in my beard than I expected.   Writing this partly to soothe my soul – the rage I have felt about what has become of our country…

and the fucking washing machine died.  Our eldest and beloved kitty Becky died.  My Subaru was trashed by would be thieves (I locked the transmission with a subaru secret.  didn’t save her)  – they did so much damage trying to steal her – and had to be salvaged – raped and put down in mercy.  My Serenity.

But, the kids are alright.  Other things are going really damn well.  First world problems, mainly, but, oh yeah..  I think I am getting arthritus in my surgically reconstructed ankle.  They warned me this wouild happen.  Blood pressure surprisingly is OK.

I only have four or five crucial things I need to  do today.  I want to go back to bed, but the coffee has kicked in.

Sorry for the rambling, but y’all haven’t heard from me in a while.


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