This is Who I Am

In the interest of full disclosure… I’m only half Norwegian, I hold a Bachelor’s in Biology (pre-med), and an un-credited minor in Philosophy from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Dad was a chemist (he was the Norwegian)   –   Mom?  Schoolteacher to  “gifted and talented” elementary school students.  I’m very “American” – but you’ll have to read my posts to understand what that means, it is a word that’s been twisted around a lot lately. I’m non violent but not a pacifist, and have broken 3/5″  thick boards with my fist (well, that did kinda hurt). I tend to eat organic foods (but I am an affirmed carnivore, make no mistake).  I run, ‘cycle and lift   moved my life 1300 miles across the country …ugg.  Need more… exercise. I’m looking at 42..44.  yep.  Damn  it’s 2015…  45 soon! yes, looking at 44  with my eyes wide open.   Recently moved back to the front range of the Rocky Mountains, from a long  (15 year) sojourn in the San Francisco Bay Area .   I bake bread and pies, fix computers, websites… and cars, bikes and motorcycles, phones, befriend animals, take pictures, and frankly, I cook my own food most of the time.   (I also cook for now, long story ) :)  and ;) , bunch of good – re-connected with some old friends I had thought I had lost.. and lost an old friend. RIP  Ken Riley. :deep breath:  I am loving being back in the mountain air, simplified and improved my life.. Beem working on the archery skills, turns out I am a pretty good shot with a mongol style composite horsebow.  Go figure.   I love fishing, but also rarely do it (hey – went fishing this thanksgiving, didn’t catch a thing, didn’t care ). I’m a man who loves women, but I don’t give a rat’s ass which gender you happen to love or identify yourself as.  Huge sci-fi/fantasy fan but not the type to dress up unless it is Halloween. I drive a mildly hot rod Subaru. I am atheist, but behave as a Christian, a real one.

I am a peaceful warrior.

I am The Thinking Viking.



I am on face book, of course.


rev 2/3/2015

  1. Mrs. Chili says:

    I can’t find an email contact, so I’m asking you here; do you facebook?

  2. Marsie Sroka says:

    Bounced around your site for awhile. You are quite amazing, but I guess you already know that.

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