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The Thinking Viking is a taller than average but not towering, usually well-groomed white man of 40, weighing in at 175lbs.  About as far as you can get from a slender  black teenage boy, 140 pound 6’3″ Trayvon Martin, aside from our gender and being tall.  I’m wearing a freaking hoodie as I type, I own four of them, three black, one grey. I wear one almost daily as I walk to the store a couple blocks away.  The rent-a-cops in my neighborhood are all – so far as I have seen – Hispanic or Black.  If one of them had shot and killed me while I was walking home, talking to my girlfriend on the phone, I can assure you, they’d be in jail – or at least charged formally – by now.  The man – George Zimmerman – who stalked and shot and killed Trayvon Martin has not been charged, and is walking around a free man.

Anyone who thinks this isn’t racially motivated isn’t seeing things clearly. As for the Stand Your Ground law he is using as his defense? You cannot claim self-defense if you follow a total stranger  in your car and then confront them after being told by 911 dispatch to stand down, wait for the real cops. Would he have done this  if a 40-year-old white man had been with Trayvon? I doubt it.

But I will tell you this.

If I had been followed by an unmarked car with some strange dude in it, clearly watching me, I would have run or at least hurried, as Trayvon did.  And if that car had  followed me all the way home, and the driver confronted me, he would have been met by a few things  a lot more dangerous to him than than a bag of Skittles.

A camera, a gun, and my phone dialing 911.

Trayvon, I wish I could have been there for you. Best I can do now is write this, and hope the outrage your murder has raised will change some minds.  I doubt it will change many, most  people who think like Mr. Zimmerman are like concrete – all mixed up and permanently set.