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Dear Rush Limbaugh,

Thank you. You have done more damage to your reputation with your hateful words (and by extension damage to Fox News as well), than any clever Facebook post or WordPress blog could possibly do. Keep it up, and let me know when they can your ass so I can throw a party.

And further thanks for the “apology”.  I just found out that I am actually agreeing with Ron Paul.  A more backhanded and self-serving mea culpa has not been seen for years. Your true colors are showing, and they aren’t red, white and blue.

Sandra Fluke, I’ve got your back.

That’s all for now


PS  I applaud the advertisers who are withdrawing sponsorship. Hit him with money.  When he is no longer profitable, he’ll see how much his owners at Fox News love him.

PPS – Clear Channel? I hate you. You trashed my favorite radio station. But I’ll forgive you for that  if you cancel his show.  Sign a petition to have Clear Channel cancel his show