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The Thinking Viking is angry.  (update:still angry)

I’ve put up with it for a long time.  “Freedom of speech” they say.  Then they lie, and spew hate…a hundred years ago they would have been standing on a street corner, ignored by most as raving lunatics.   Maybe if it was printed in a newspaper we would lend these sort of words some credence (hmmm slippery slope here) .

Who believes THAT? We would say as we walked past.  Wow, now that dude is deranged – get him a tinfoil hat! haha.  We would turn our heads and with simple quiet social pressure make it clear that these ideas were not OK.  It’s OK to talk about them, but to give audience to lies gives power.

In those past days, those lunatics would reach maybe two other people  who would listen, and they would be exhausted from shouting into the crowds of people ignoring them.

Now we have the internet, FOX News, CNN, Twitter.

One public misguided comment can now reach millions.  A repeated flawed, borderline evil idea, re-spewed by thousands of public figures with perceived authority, can convince people of fucking anything.

Convince them that grabbing a gun and marching down to Planned Parenthood – to stop the sale of unborn baby parts to Al Qaeda before Obama takes your guns – is the best course of action on Thanksgiving weekend.

When your words have a body count, you are responsible.  Even if you didn’t pull the trigger.

This has been edited post publishing

Had to get this out.

Still thinking about it.



ed:  One hundred years ago we didn’t have aluminum foil to make hats from.  My bad.