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The Thinking Viking is still thinking about a lot of drafts, so, to keep things interesting, here’s two more pics.  Undisclosed location.  Enjoy.coverIMG_0538

You don’t need to think about this, but fungi were reclassified a not so long while back as belonging to the the same branch of life that produced US (animals, chemo-autotrophs, or organisms that cannot photosynthesize and must consume “food” to grow) eventually. These are your extremely distant cousins.

But I ask you to please , think about it.


PS I will give a massive WOW THIS PERSON KNOWS THEIR STUFF shout out for you if  ANYONE can identify these….




The Thinking Viking has been taking a holiday, you may or may not have noticed. To keep you  entertained, I am offering some photos.

wordpress is not the best place to share big photos…dozens more but only these two uploaded with out error.  So, here are my feet. I’m the one NOT wearing tights.