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The Thinking Viking has taken a brief.. not so brief… sabbatical from writing. I was preparing a piece on domestic terrorism when those two…<redacted> people did… that.  I have friends in Boston.

So this project was delayed.  Johnny, I promised you I would write this, and here is the first  chapter. The story you shared about your life with the woman you loved more than anything. In your words, unedited as possible.  It’s starts at a Wendy’s during lunch.  I popped in because it was near my credit union and it’s less awful than a lot of other fast food.  Please see The Ballad of Johnny and Hilda, Part I.  Here are his words, as best I can transcribe.  He was a very old man and mumbled sometimes.

“I was  baseball player 1944, on  my 17th birthday… september..september 8 1944 ..69 years a go.  I had told all  of my teammatea I didn’t want no  girl.  I grew up in massachusettsts, and the team there was the boston red sox, and i told my teammate I didn’t want no girl, and we were in the playoffs, I told my teammate I didn’t want nothing on my mind. Chamionship game catholic Cucumber position leage (ed: I swear that’s what I hear when I play this back)  Youth league  14-17 age limits  my teammates were in a little pickup game and my teammate jojo hit the ball and the ball went to right, hey johnny  the ball went over there, can you go get it? And it had stopped right by her…at that moment our eyes met she smiled and I fell in love with her I stood there and all of a sudden I asked her name and then I said to her, Hilda you’re a lovely beautiful  lady each minute I’m falling more and more in love with and you’re the girl I’m going to marry… but then the game started.  so then I went and played my game…so the game was over…I get to the bench take my baseball shoes off, and I looked for her… she wasn’t there..  I saw in line for the bus.. I  was the fastest runner in the league but  this car came out of nowhere if I hadn’t t thrown myself on the grass I would have been killed.  When I got up the bus was gone. I waited ten years to find my wife. Wherever I went I asked about her…”

Think about THIS  this Valentines Day – HE FOUND HER.  That’s part III


I’m back….




The  Thinking Viking recently met a very interesting couple.  I was eating lunch at Wendy’s after visiting my credit union in the same complex, and at first all I noticed was a nice photo of a pretty young woman, black and white, from her clothing I’d guess 1940’s, and a large pair of thick glasses, old and black.  There was an older-ish  woman in the table across, but no one seated next to these items.

Meh.  I’m HUNGRY.

Then Johnny comes up.  Very Old Man. Once pretty tall (I’d guess 6’2′) but wow – old.  But he is happy, chatting with the Wendy’s employee bringing his food to the table – he uses a walker, and isn’t going very quick, but he is steady. Aand heads to the table….with the photo.  The woman across the aisle asks him about the woman in the picture.  He speaks animatedly for several minutes.  Happy and alert, smart and kind even at his advanced and age.

After I overheard what he said, I finished my food, tossed it in the trash, and walked back to his table.

“Hi, my name’s Matt, and I write sometimes, and people read it. I’d love to tell your story…”

He beamed.  And he told me.


Continued in part II after I’ve had time to listen (he let me record him only asking that it “not go in the newspapers”)

I promise, it will be worth it.