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The Thinking Viking is aware of the title’s historic significance.  Deliberately chosen.

Here’s my proposal. I’m  just gonna spew it out and think about it later.

At 16 every citizen gets a one shot pistol and is allowed to carry two bullets, after they -required by law- pass a gun safety class taught in the public school and graded with the curriculum. Teachers and school counselors much approve the graduation of the student with weapon right – if not approved, they enter adulthood sans firearms rights.  Appeal-able.

All  guns carry chips so that only their own can fire them, or only member of active duty military for military weapons.  These implanted, biometric, chips also record a date and timestamp for every firing.

At 18, every citizen must go through basic training in the military branch of their choice, or if physically or mentally unable, then these individual may not be considered for any heavier weapon then the one shot two bullet rule. they are given a voter ID and free health care. They are allowed to carry their one shot weapon and both rounds of ammo. 

Those who pass the mental test, the training and   who do not wish to continue military service are issued a photo ID (voter registration and driver’s license all in one perhaps? if you want to go there about voter fraud, make em FREE and require everyone to have one ), a chipped 5 round .38 special and  50 rounds of ammo – ammo resupplied monthly .  They must practice monthly at a government licensed range and prove that they used at least 40 rounds in ensuring their marksmanship is good.  They are also given free health care, but are REQUIRED to carry their weapons. They are the citizen militia. Oh, and ear plugs for the firing range, they get those, too.

Anyone wishing to own heavier weapons must  buy and maintain hunting permits or have demonstrable need and pass through  – oh for fucks sake SOME KIND OF CHECK before we let some batshit psychopath have a rifle that can kill from 500 yards and even semi-automatic can empty its clip in about 30 seconds…  And ….  Please don’t flame me with bullshit about how guns do not kill people.  Or that a civilian AR “isn’t the same” – I know how these guns work, my brother owns several and I have fired more guns than most people reading this.  There’s a big one under my bed. So they aren’t “machine guns” technically.  So fucking what?  M16A2 is 3-round burst only – yes, the Army doesn’t use quite a few of their own rifles in full auto – some models don’t even have the switch.  Granted, these are shooting three bullets every trigger pull, but it not full-auto.


Military weapons will not be usable by those with civil chips and no common ammunition shall be manufactured. military ammo – only use-able in military guns, with the converse also being true.


Think about it.