Damage Control Aboard the Saltshaker – We Let the Smoke Out.

Posted: December 12, 2016 in My Whirled

been a while since my hands worked on an engine like this

The Thinking Viking

The Thinking Viking is, technically, first mate aboard the Saltshaker, a 39′ Contessa racing yacht moored at an undisclosed location. (Plan B, and/or zombies you know?), and we (me and the captain) were trying ti figure out why the tachometer wasn’t working. Volts, temp, both also from engine leads, were good.  Ahh – look – loose grounds. I’m watching the gauge as he tightens down the nuts, and turns it on, sure we had found the trouble.

Nope. We almost set the boat on fire.

I just now  got home after fixing the damage a week later with a third man brought in (who happened to be in town totally coincidentally and is the guy who I learned a LOT from. OLD friend.)

Here’re the pics from the job.  Enjoy.


Thanks for coming, and don’t forget your soldering iron

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  1. Vonderlust says:

    A little over a year later & I’m going through the same thing with my Contessa 39 – do you still act as first mate on yours? If so, would love to swap stories & get an update on where Saltshaker is at & in what condition!

    ~Fracas – 1981 Contessa 39

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