Open Letter to Hilary Clinton, II

Posted: April 5, 2016 in My Whirled

The The Thinking Viking checks comment pages and twitter feeds.  I also fact check before I post.

“Hillary represents everything that is wrong with our current system of government; the fact that she’s won at the game only serves to define her as someone not quite worthy of the prize.”

“How can anyone feel sorry for her when she sold out on a war contract that took so many peoples lives.”

later, me

she played the game, and was winning, until people realized it was a game. Honestly feel bad for her, timing her rise with the #OWS grassroot fire rising up again..


(removed text)

you really think she is evil? that she would trade lives for dollars?

…for her, I bet it was the death by a thousand cuts, every time she compromised, every Wall Street speech, every time she sold out, a bit of a once good soul went dark- not evil dark, but cold dark.

“Doesn’t make me sympathetic to her campaign, but does break my heart for her as a person…to come to the point where she is only to realize she’s lost herself in the process…that the person she used to be could have won, but she’s changed so much that it’s not possible”


Thinking about this,




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