Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Posted: April 4, 2016 in My Whirled

Hey Hillary,
…long time, no chat.    I…think you heard from my friend Bernie, though.  Eh, no matter.

I tried to get Donnie T. to come to lunch with me, talk, get things worked out before it got out of hand.  I failed.  I had to withdraw.

He’s a fucking train wreck.  Not worth my time.  You, however, are worthy.  I offer a town hall lunch with the Peoples’ Republic of Boulder at  the Wendy’s  at 55th and Arapaho, Boulder, CO, at a time and date of your choice.  I will moderate.

So, bring your Goldman-Sachs speeches and an appetite for spicy chicken sandwiches and let’s have a talk.

Think about it.


Editorial Post- Script:

“We don’t come alone …
we are fire ..
we are stone..
we’re the hand that writes then quickly moves away..”

R.J. Dio

#OWS ‪#‎Bernie2016‬ ‪#‎TeamBernie‬


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