Thoughts on a Thursday about email

Posted: March 10, 2016 in My Whirled

The Thinking Viking is an IT professional.  I actually have signed documents to the point where I can’t say much more, but I’m a multi OS sysadmin,  PCI ecommerce security manager and data integration / systems integration guy.  I prefer to work on cars.

For the record. I support Hillary in the case of the “email scandal”.
I do not believe she acted with intent to deceive.
I think it was simple ignorance.
Any cover up is just trying to conceal that.
I could have been the guy who set that email server up. I know that ssl/TLS/RSA/etc etc encryption is not required to make the system work, and I know that there are back doors that typical users would never expect. Yes, your email server also has a website. Yep. Unsecured by default because of Microsoft and sloppy installation procedures by the people who use it..


Happy Thorsday!


(that about that)



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