Posted: March 3, 2016 in Humanity, My Whirled, Stories
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The Thinking Viking did his part for democracy.

And I will do it again and again as required.

I went to the Colorado Democratic Caucus on Super Tuesday 2016.    My precinct went for #TeamBerrnie 27-17.  (ed:  see the caucus rules.  Since HRC got more than a.5 delegate mathematically, and we round up, so…  Only two delegates per precinct, so despite a 10 point win, Bernie only got one of two delegates.  Bear in mind this is just the first stage of a four stage process before the all or nothing state convention. ) When we asked for delegates for the next level, we got two volunteers.  One for Hillary, one for Bernie.  We straw-poll voted a caucus chairman and secretary.  We played by the rules.  We had two delegates to chose.  Bernie’s was easy.

When we asked for delegates for Hillary,  only one stood up.  When we asked for alternates “just in case”…no one stood.  Crickets.

Crickets..and awkward silence  for the alternate Hillary delegate.

More awkward silence

The Bernie team is looking at team Hillary  kinda going Hey, who is gonna stand up and take that back up spot?  We have five people willing to be alternate delegates for Bernie….

Yeah, someone finally stood up and reluctantly took that alternate Hillary delegate spot.


Bernie won the precinct vote 27-17.

Yeah, not electable at all.

Think about it





  1. If the voters can’t even step up to be a delegate, how in the hell will team Hillary get people to go knock on doors and make phone calls? In a word.. complacent.

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