Throwback Thursday

Posted: October 22, 2015 in My Whirled
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The Thinking Viking has a history.  Big surprise.

What I am thinking about “right now” is learning why it is important not to get angry at machines.

I was fine tuning the ignition advance  (via mechanical contact points) on my 1976 BMW 2002. The car that replaced the Nissan that I almost died in, the “other time I broke my other leg in a bad accident”.  I was 17, on a Saturday morning – late summer- trying desperately NOT to have to pay some god damn shop to keep my old car running…..when I dropped the screwdriver and tried to grab it as it fell.  Missed it, got mad and punched the closest thing.

Managed to slash my hand open on a piece of the frame and sent that one VERY important part flying into the weeds and causing a stream of obscenities.

Dude… NEXT TIME do NOT PUNCH THE CAR.  That was pretty pointless.  I found the screw after a half hour and a very strong magnet.

I later ended up trading that car, sans working transmission, for my first motorcycle, a 1976 Kawasaki  175 Enduro that was in decent running shape.  History unfolds.

Fast forward twenty years and I have bought, repaired  and sold ANOTHER vintage BMW and another motorcycle.  Back to one simple car.

Sorta back where I started.

Hmmm.  Might have more thoughts here later.



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