Thoughts on a Wednesday Morning

Posted: October 22, 2014 in Humanity, My Whirled

So, here I am, right where I was last night.  On a concrete porch with a laptop and a cup of coffee.  Musing.

So here goes.

I’m worried about my kids.

“Wait, what?  Kids?  Is there something you’re not telling us?” the audience gasps… they think, hmm he never said he didnt have kids…

Well, technically, I don’t.  What I do have is a young heart, an open mind and a sympathetic ear.  Kids today are awesome, actually.  Yeah, they screw up, but thats what they do.  They learn from these mistakes, and they learn by watching the very elders they mock and rebel against.  and that’s what I have discovered I have become.  Simply by surviving and having an interesting life, and being willing to share it, I have somehow become a mentor to a crew of kids half my age, several of whom barely know one another.  Ah, technology, and these, these are my kids.  Some of them are, in fact, your kids.  So, as a childless rebel with a bit of a Peter Pan complex, I share these bits.  Not claiming any great insight, just my words on the topic as a grown up the kids talk to because I am NOT their father.

They learn by watching what we, the grown ups, actually DO.  No, 21 years old is NOT grown up. Yet.

I won’t tell you what this should be.  I will say what it should not be.

Don’t lie unless you have to.
Don’t tell them what to think, they have minds of their own, as they should. Suggestions are OK.
Don’t ignore painful truth.  They will find out, and its not much different than lying.
Don’t teach them hate.
Don’t let them think they are the center of the universe and can do no wrong or never fail.  This is also a lie.
Don’t let them think they are a tiny spec amidst a stormcloud who will get lost in the multitude of faceless minions – this is only true if you let them think it is.  That tiny spec could change the world.
I guess that last one is for all of us.

This world we are leaving our kids is getting more and more fucked the longer we sit on our asses and argue about politics and religion and money while the goddamn roof is on fire.

And so I fight.  Be it with words on a screen or my boots and camera in the streets, I fight.  I stand and speak, and I listen.  I point things out.  This is a beautiful world, and some are just watching it burn.  I am taking arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing,seek to tend them.  I won’t tell you what to fight for, but I beg you to think about it.  Let truth guide you, not hearsay (just to be clear, this means researching bullshit on your own and not getting it from your TV or pet internet media site).  Do the math. Look behind the curtain.  Make sure YOU are not hiding behind a curtain of your own devising.

This being said, I want to lay a few truths out. No, you are not going to get Ebola from a Coors light can.  That Coors Light will only get you mocked.  The climate IS changing.  Modern medicine, by and large, works*.  (That is a WHOLE can of worms, which I will touch on again in the future). It is literally true that we could feed and shelter the entire world’s human population, right now, if we just stopped fucking killing each other over bullshit.  Racism is not dead, and sometimes having a gun is very helpful.  Don’t trust people who refer to a pet as “it” – pets are people.  Walmart is not a person*  (massive can of worms THERE also, again, for later)

Think about it.


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