The Thinking Viking loves a good discussion and debate.  Valid, cogent  arguments in favor for  or against a position, good stuff.  But there is an idea out there that whenever there is a dissenting voice, that there is a rational, reasonable discussion occurring.  That two opposing views are comparing valid, rational arguments. This is crap.  it is not always true that the other side has any grounds for even speaking.  Oddly, it reminds me of how people in a certain Colorado town were convinced that anything made by Ford sucked, Chevy ruled, and they argued for ever with the Ford and Mopar (need I mention AMC?) crowd, yet they all had tons of stats and figures to compare. Shhhh-  Fact is, all those old muscle cars are about equal once you push them to their design limits.

But there are facts to debate there.  Compression ratios, limited slip differentials, intake and exhaust mods, manual vs automatic, ignition advance, fuel/air mixtures, hell, even spark plug gaps. The things I am going to poke at don’t have sides to compare like torque curves or 1/4 mile times.

I’m gonna talk about the creation of the life on this planet and the creation of the United States.  Two things God had nothing to do with. There are a lot of voices on both “sides” here, some screaming bloody murder.

Uh oh, that got some people mad.

I am going to use all caps for the next two sentences, so Homer Simpson will understand.


Read that again, and I invite you to challenge me. Take your best shot.

Media of all sources will have you think that there is some confusion or true debate on these issues.

Nope. In two paragraphs I will be done.

While the details of abiogenesis and the mechanisms behind the creation of the first self replicating molecule are still not nailed down, the only discussions going on among scientists about evolution are about the details of how it occurs. Period. The counter argument has no evidence. I refuse to even put the counter into words here.

The founding fathers were living in times were your religious beliefs could get you killed. Dead.  Or at least excommunicated, which was essentially banishment from house and home and family and life.  They knew the dangers that would creep in if religion began to dictate law.  To call them “Christian” is a shellacking of the truth – with notable exceptions, that I’m not taking the time now to research, – many were “Deist” – believed in God, but not that this God would intervene in human affairs or who took any active role.  Plus, you have to understand that Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – in that time was, from birth, indoctrinated with a church, and to not be part of this would be self…banishment.  No one in those times would publicly say there is no God, and most would invoke his name to lend authority to their ideas. So, sure, they were “religious men” – all men were. So much for the “Christian Nation”.

Rant done.

Think about it.

  1. Anonymous says:

    There is no deity taking an active roll in anything, except in the minds of scared humans. If there were, there would be no starving children. Helllooooo, country singer, if your voice were a gift from a god, maybe you could convince him there are more important things than your voice, your team winning or you getting home from a party without hitting a telephone pole in your 80,000 dollar SUV. Have you read Thomas Jefferson’s bible? I downloaded it to my nook app. He didn’t believe in magic. I can’t even tell you how unsettling it is for me that a person who doesn’t believe in magic will never be elected to a high office. The reason is because that precludes rational and logical thinking. If a person is basing decisions on myth, they are emotional decisions. How does that affect the reality of the people who don’t? All of this fighting and the flight to the new world for personal freedoms was based on the selfishness of Henry VIII and his pathetic penis. Can you imagine how things might be different without his fat finger in the pie all those years ago? Hundreds of years ago. Our modern society is based on the actions and motivations of a horney asshole alive hundreds of years ago. He used fear of mortality to get what he wanted. And now we continue to be ruled by fear of mortality. I can’t help but wonder how much further our evolution culturally and socially would be without being held back by fear and the people who will use it to simply further their ambitions.

  2. Susan J says:

    I didn’t mean for that to be anonymous. It’s me, Susan. 🙂

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