The Thinking Viking has been….thinking.  The 14th Amendment states, in part,  “no state shall … deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”. (thanks Wiki)

The Supreme Court, in deciding and later upholding the Citizens United case, has determined that corporations are “people”.

If I break the law and am convicted, I face jail time for a great many crimes. We are pretty good at tossing people in prison.  It is literally what the concept of this kind of punishment is when intended as being a deterrent to crime, for some (google sociopaths) , it is the only thing keeping them in check.  Some otherwise violent people do change when they realize that the next assault charge would mean hard time – I have met them.  Myself, working with the /redacted/ stuff that I have and do work with, dang, I could be a bad guy, data  wise, pretty easy.  But no way I want to wind up in prison for something like that.  Not even close to worth it.  So I live my life knowing that in society, I am under a sort of constant threat – the threat of legal retaliation for my deemed improper behavior.  Well, OK, that’s basically stating that I live in a society with laws. I’m fine with that.

I have written before on a means by which we could “jail” corporations.  I think the 14th amendment gives me some pretty good support. If these corporate “people” have the right to never be imprisoned, then I also demand this right.   If not that, then find a way to jail Goldman Sachs. Can’t do that? Then these things are not people.

Think about it.



Upon further reflection I also demand the right to declare myself dead (for the corporate things this would be “bankruptcy”) and allow  my last will to grant all my assets to a company I create, and then to be allowed to petition for a new social security number under a new, created by myself, name.



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