This is Who I Am – Part III

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Humanity, My Whirled, Stories
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The Thinking Viking gets hungry, just like anyone. Yesterday, while fighting off the first cold I have had in years (ugg, this still sucks – cough cough) my appetite returned and I decided to try out the new Greek restaurant down the street.  I loves me a good gyros.   I drive down there, park, walk in, place my order.  Cashier says it will be 15 minutes, they just got a huge take out order and there were other walk-ins ahead of me.  Eh, fine.  I’ll walk up to Walgreens and get something for this cold.  I tip the guy my spare change, just a bit shy of a dollar.

Five steps outside, and I find a 2012 penny on the sidewalk.  I don’t like the new pennies.  But I digress.  My mind basically concludes that it is very difficult to try to use cash for all transactions and NOT be constantly carrying small amounts of change.  Had about 200 bucks cash on me.  And the super shiny new penny which I planned on letting my shiny-obsessed bird play with.

Then, as I walk into the store, I pass by an old man, sitting on the sidewalk next to the door. He was clearly poor, but clean and neatly dressed, and old, I’d say pushing 70.  Clean shaven.  He very politely ask me if I could spare some change.

I thought about the penny I had just picked up.  That would be  massive dick move to give the guy 1 cent.  I dug into my pocket to see if I had any other change that I hadn’t just tipped the sandwich guy with. Nope, just the penny.  I told the guy I had just given all my change as a tip.

“That’s alright, young man, it’s all good. You have a nice night.” – I waved him silent.

The look on his face when I handed him the five dollar bill was more than worth it.

I said, “You need this more than I do”.

As I left the store a couple of minutes later, he grins and fist-bumps me.

Pay it forward.  As I drove away I saw him walk into the Mr. Taco that I myself had almost eaten at.

Think about it.



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