Fight Club II

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Humanity, My Whirled, Stories
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The Thinking Viking will, on occasion, enjoy boxing or other martial arts as sport.   Several years ago I met up with and befriended a young guy, lets call him Kevin.  He was maybe 22. He worked at the local convenience store. Nice guy, smart, had a cool girlfriend who worked at a fitness club.

One night, he mentions he’s starting college, and is having trouble with his biology homework. “Ding” – I can help with that. I tutor him on Bio 101, explaining rather than just lecturing. He gets it. Stops asking for help, thanks me.

Couple months later, He invites me to his birthday party, a pay per view boxing match – Maywether and .. dammit brain… that dang feisty older undefeated maybe Cuban guy ? – anyhow, I am enough of a fan to know about the fight, and he’s a friend, so – no brainer. I accept.

I show up, brought a couple of big nice beers with me, and knock.  There’s Cindy, the cool girlfriend I mentioned before. I enter, handing Kevin one of the beers with a “Happy Birthday!”. I open his beer, shake his hand and..

And then I realize … Kevin is an under 25 black male in the San Francisco East Bay. Works at a convenience store. These are his friends.

There is one seat left, I sit, take a drink.

Kevin speaks..”It’s cool, guys. He’s O.G.” – a roomful of shrugs  and barely perceived nods..Me and Cindy were the only two Caucasians there. And what did they criticize?  The Beer. Only point of objection.

And it IS cool. Good Times.

Think about it.



PS this would be about 6 yrs ago? 2012 now

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