Moving Day – III

Posted: June 14, 2012 in My Whirled, Stories
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The Thinking Viking is sick of this shit. It’s time to get rid of some baggage. The table my ex in-laws gave us. Never eaten a single goram meal off it- truth, not once  – I’d give it away if I could, but been too distracted to post a “free stuff” listing on fraking Craigslist.  Stuff that’s sat in my closet unused for the whole time I’ve lived here.   A box of “important papers” that has stuff that is over twelve years old. Do I need my Community College transcripts? Don’t think so.  How do you fold a chainmail shirt?  Oh, there’s my t-shirt from the Colorado Avalanche’s opening day game – that’s a keeper.  But these random pots and pans that I snagged from next-to-the-dumpster and have used maybe twice in two years? Gone.

But my fish tank?  I really set this thing up well – stable ecosystem, happy fish, but ..well.. I have no real emotional attachment, and it’s yet another thing that was part of a failed relationship that ended years ago. Been keeping it  just… because the damn fish are still alive….

Spider bites suck. Must have disturbed quite a few in this process – got a nice bite on the left ankle, nothing serious, but it itches more than a mosquito bite and its red and kinda inflamed.

My fingernails are filthy.  I’m sore and I smell funky.  And my move -out day it going to be the hottest day of the season – joy.

On the plus side, this has made my actually fold all my laundry and sell off half my books – my trashy killer thriller spy and sci-fi rags that I accumulate seemingly without effort. Keeping the goods ones.

Public Storage – first months is $1 – buying me some time to move into a room in a house with a dude and his teenage son, this will save me tons on rent, at least until the new job starts paying me what I am worth – they are realizing now that they got much more than they expected when they brought me on – knew this would happen, and it’s such a cool place that I didn’t mind a lower than desired salary for a while.

OK, mildly buzzed and tired ramblings all done for now,  Gonna watch some of the first season of Star Trek Voyager on Netflix and relax.



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