Fried Rattlesnake

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Recipes, Stories
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Last summer, I had a rattlesnake longer than my arm curl up next to my front door. As an animal lover, reptiles esp (I miss my iguanas sometimes) I normally would never harm a snake, but there are kids, old people, and beloved pets in my complex and this snake was a foot from my bare ankles.  Rattlesnake bite most likely would not kill me, a decent sized healthy adult man, but I have no desire to find out what it feels like, and trips to the ER are costly. He was just too close for comfort. Animal Control said basically ” We don’t do snakes” and the fire department wanted nothing to do with it either.

Without going into details, I have a large and very real Columbian machete (for zombies, you know?) that I put to a more mundane use.

Here’s the snake, right next to my front door:

Anyhow, I figure I had a unique opportunity to try what many consider a delicacy, and I hated the thought of just  killing  it and wasting  it. I won’t go into cleaning, just Google “cleaning a snake for cooking”.

First I made a beer-batter with a can of beer and flour added to get it the consistency of pancake batter.

Then rolled the snake in an  egg and then battered that sucker up.

Fried in deep-ish oil in my favorite cast iron skillet until it was flaky – much like fish gets when cooked.

Melted some butter, and I and my girlfriend ate that thing with a fork and dipped in butter. Ab-so-fucking-lutely delish. Tasted kinda like lobster, but with fish-like bones.

Simple and fairly quick. Trick is obtaining fresh snake, I suppose.


  1. I grew up in Opp, Alabama, home of the famous (at least in Alabama) Rattlesnake Rodeo… They cook snake there too. Always thought it had too many bones to make good eating!!

  2. Mrs. Chili says:

    One word, Man; Ewww.

  3. I’ve always wanted to try rattlesnake. But I don’t want to get close enough to a live one to have the opportunity.

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