When I started this blog, I decided I would keep my political commentary out of it, you’ll have to see my Facebook page for that. But I recently (yesterday) attended Ron Paul’s rally in Berkeley, CA, and what I saw reminded me that politics and social issues go hand in hand, so I decided to share my thoughts.

First, I have long admired Ron Paul for his sincerity and his ardent refusal to change his views to please the masses or bow to the pressure of the story-of-they-day. I also long ago decided I would never vote for him for President. I’ll elaborate in a bit.

OK, he wants to audit and eventually end the Federal Reserve. Hell yeah.   He wants to end our ceaseless foreign undeclared wars and stop being the World Police. Hell yes.  He wants to end the War on Some Drugs. Hell yeah, again. He is angry that millions are homeless while there are millions of empty foreclosed homes. Agreed, I am too. He is rightfully angry that our federal government is intruding into our freedoms at an unprecedented level. Repeal the Patriot Act? It’s about fucking time. Abolish corporate subsidies? Yep. I’m still with you, Dr. Paul.

But, and first in this argument, I have some problems with him I cannot ignore. As a biologist and philosopher by education I know a few things. First, corporations are not people, they don’t get scared, can’t be imprisoned, don’t feel pain, don’t need food or air or water.  Ron Paul would abolish the EPA and if we abolish the EPA, and let the threat of lawsuits and such keep corporations from polluting our environment as he suggests, that we will see a return to the times when poisons were poured into our water supply untreated, where industrial air pollution created acid rain.  A billion dollar lawsuit cannot undo the damage that a single BP-level accident can cause.  Money can’t fix it after the damage is done. Second, he is a Creationist. As in God made the Earth for mankind and evolution is “just a theory”  (please see “Just a Theory” for more on my views about this). Some have criticized me for allowing religion to taint my politics, but that isn’t it. Fact is, in this country, no one could possibly be nominated for President if they do NOT at least appear to believe in God. I don’t give a hoot if you’re running for President and you are Christian, Mormon, Jewish, Muslim (yeah, right like THAT would happen)  what ever.  What I DO mind is someone who doesn’t believe  that life evolves. Who believes that we were created exactly as we are today and the world was made for us, specifically.  It is  simply not true, and if you DO believe this, you are deluded, clouded by the Authority of the Church.  If you merely CLAIM to believe it you are being dangerously manipulative. Finally, tied to his  religious ideals, he believes that a fertilized human egg is a person, and therefore would prohibit abortion, (I suspect he would be happy to overturn Roe v Wade in the name of States Rights, one of his big talking points).

One, two, three strikes, you’re out Dr. Paul.  If we could somehow combine him with say, Bill Clinton and Teddy Roosevelt  and JFK and cherry pick features, we could have a fantastic President.  You can guess who is getting my vote in November.

Anyhow, here are some pictures.

All done.


PS  To clarify : Obama is not the clinton-roosevelt-JFK president. Still voting for him.  this two party thing we have going on sucks.

  1. John Eden says:

    Thank you Dr. Viking! You are one clear-thinking dude! Could you hold a seminar on Voting in America and have everyone attend? You are perfectly correct about politics – don’t know where the idea came from that one can/should separate politics from life. Confusion over Church & State, probably. Many people are very confused – Ron Paul is just one of many candidates who take advantage of people’s ignorance and confusion. You’ve really expressed well how he appeals to so many, but what is also so wrong with him. There’s more, but you nailed the main ones.

    I continue to be amazed at how in synch we are on most things, despite our different backgrounds and wide geographical separation!

  2. [Point one: For the true believer, religion cannot be separated from politics. ] you would do well to remember that. Romney, unlike Paul, can not be counted on to tell you what he really believes and stick by his guns… he is not just a double-talk expert, he is an outright fabricator. a prevarication specialist. i am waiting for the town hall meeting where mittens is asked if he believes that he will go to his own asteroid when he dies, where he will be served , as an eternal god, by his wife… or is it wives? will we have a second and third lady? would that be ok? do you folks understand what mormans believe? the angel with the magic glasses. the golden tablets. their absolute separation from the rest of us? do you realize that they live under a system where their lives are monitored and controlled by the local morman heirarchy? if he was elected (mitt) do you think those things would not really continue to matter to him? (remember point one…..) …and if they didn’t, then what, if anything, would be really true about him except that he wants to profit, profit, profit…. when the lumberjack entered the forest, the trees saw that the handle of his axe was wooden and said “don’t worry… he’s one of us…” . thanks for your insights . when it is obvious that a candidate believes absolutely ridiculous bulshit, does it really matter if you agree with some of the other things he believes? (legalize it!)

  3. Serg says:

    How Anyone can vote for Obama over Ron Paul after Obama signed the NDAA, HR 347, Renewed the patriot act, and created Executive Order National Defense Resources Preparedness is beyond me. Sorry Obama is no friend to freedom and no friend to the people.

    The issues you brought up about Paul are peanuts compared to how much Corporations use congress to pass laws to prevent people from making their own choices and letting corporations make the decisions for us.

    Military spending and killing babies overseas is ok but killing them here in the US is a problem.

    And the BIGGEST issue the federal Reserve.

    I personally don’t agree with Ron Paul on many matters, like abortion, or property rights verses human rights. Or his views on taxes. But none of that stuff matter if the things I mentioned above don’t get dealt with.

    • Matt Johnsen says:

      You really over estimate the power of the President if you think Ron Paul could actually accomplish what he says he wants..

      • Anonymous says:

        Matt, Serg clearly points out that Obama Signed NDAA. If Obama can sign it, then RON PAUL can un-sign it. That’s enough power for me.

  4. Mike Peake says:

    All this and you didn’t even have to mention his racism, ties with neo-nazis, unwillingness to denounce them while he takes their money, his homophobia, and that he’d send women’s rights back to the stone age. And that he takes PAC money from a CIA-connected source. And named his son after Ayn Rand, douchebag extreme. And says he wouldn’t give money to help victims of natural disaster because there’s no such thing as “federal money”. Neato!

  5. Eddie Che says:

    Anonymous: Message to the American Citizens Concerning Ron Paul | Youtube:

  6. baden says:

    Dear MJ The theory of evolution is in fact what it sayds ATHEORY only not a fact WHY? there is no evidence anywhere on earth as science or any part of humanity period that can identify factually any living creature cahnging from one type of creature to another or any inbetween stages So that facts are known at this stage each creature is unique to its own species at this time if anyone knows otherwise pleaes inform the biology professors as they have never heard of or seen such evolutionary changes

  7. Wendy says:

    So you would vote for a man who is permitting endless printing of unbacked money to attempt to relieve the pressure of the economy just long enough to get elected? Do you not see this creating our total colapse in a couple of months?

    • Matt Johnsen says:

      no, I do not see that. its more complicated than that, and to see it as a conspiracy by one man to hold onto power is paranoid.

  8. […] grounds in 1012  (I was there as an observer, more for entertainment than support; please see https://thinkingviking.wordpress.com/2012/04/06/a-short-piece-on-ron-paul/: ), to actually caring enough as a 20-30 something to follow presidential politics and watch these […]

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