AKA 7000 Penguins Die in Mystery Stampede – from the personal journal of The Thinking Viking during a summer in Alaska
What follows and in following posts in this category are excerpts from my hand written journal, cobbled together with hazy and sometimes crystal clear memories. It’s a view into life in 1990 from my own youthful pencil and my current mind commenting. 

You really should start from the beginning

June 1990

Bellingham, Washington. We had been driven to the ferry station in a 1964 Chevrolet Apache 10 – wooden bed, had grass growing in it..top speed 60 MPH.  Classic, full of camping gear, cab stuffed with three adults.  I’m outside, out of choice. Yeah, I know. Anyhow, we were dropped at the terminal, unload, get oriented, and wait.  And the ferry is late. Hours late.

“June 22 – 1: PM  waiting for the fucking ferry. Thought I’d lost our bouncing bozos Bruce and Steph at the same time I thought we were about to board. this resulted in a mad dash into town and back – thank god I no longer smoke.

Just got the tent anchored on the Solarium Deck.  Lots of women, some next door! Some little kid’s doll outside the door (of the tent) is  anatomically correct..

Now playing D&D w/ “Eric” and “Wendy” in the ferry cafeteria. pretty cool people. more later.

just took a couple of Benedryl. night night,”

I found it quite restful to sleep in a tent of the deck of a decently huge ship, the Columbia, flag-ship of the line.
 This ship.  From : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:MV_Columbia_Alaska_Ferry_Evening_2048px.jpg
The Solarium Deck  is the uncovered large deck aft – um, in the back.  The left in this picture.

My narrative continues…

” June 23rd – Saturday. missing AM cartoons. crap. Had cool/ok/fun last night….Water is condensing inside my pencil..and it’s too hard to reload lead also the ship keeps rocking all over fucking up my handwriting.

I’m sitting in the snack bar with four others. Bruce, ted, and Eric- he’s 21ish and pretty cool dude, and an attractive blonde named Wendy. Eric just took my book of Richard Scary Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes  away and said “Eat me!”

We hung in the cafeteria most of the night, long past closing. no one cared, just a bunch of kids. The ferry was due to stop at our first Alskan port, Ketchikan at 4:AM the next day- I could hardly wait.

Fade to black…


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  1. John Eden says:

    These are interesting. Reminiscent of my own early journaling… always good to look back at these things and see the past the way we saw it then, rather than thru the filters of memory and adult perspective. A friend recently sent me a letter that I had mailed to him in 1968. It was very strange to see myself through that lens… a little embarrassing actually, but edifying. I’m thinking of including it in the book I’ve been writing for the past 10 or 15 years… which already is a multi-genre thing with lots of excerpts from my journal – except that it makes me look kinda stupid, and well adolescent. Duh. But, I’m enjoying this… hope others are!

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