The Alaska Journals – Episode One.1

Posted: April 1, 2012 in The Alaska Journals
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AKA 7000 Penguins Die in Mystery Stampede – from the personal journal of The Thinking Viking during a summer in Alaska
What follows and in following posts in this category are excerpts from my hand written journal, cobbled together with hazy and sometimes crystal clear memories. It’s a view into life in 1990 from my own youthful pencil and my current mind commenting. 

You really should start from the beginning

Spring 1990 – north of Seattle, WA

The next few days we’re among the best  – Seattle area, early summer, beautiful weather on a semi rural ranch with three good friends and a “mom”.   Sometime in this period we walked down to the river and jumped in with a rope spring – just like those old Mountain Dew commercials; then, we picked blackberries. For some reason I didn’t write that down.

“June 15 – morning

Ted and Company arrived last night – we plan on ferrying out today at 6:30 or so. NO SMOKING!

2nd nice day in a row in Seattle – miraculously.

Ferry is sold out – we leave in one week.  Bellingham – a micro Boulder, looks like a tourist trap

June 15th –evening ”

<redacted 17 lines of terrible prose.  Really, it’s for your own good >

Still haven’t had a cigarette! First 24 hours down…

June 17 – sourdough pancakes for breakfast. sleeping well on a good bed. Fresh crab last night, no longer so lonely feeling – 3rd day off cigarette’s….Sun-burn from the Res is finally peeling a little.  Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.

PM Erik the Viking, Rainier and Rum!

June 18 – warm day. Saw the “Mission”. Strange lack of motivation. Uncomfortably bored. Much too quiet. But noise/music would bug me. &^$%*&$^%$

8:45pm  – Ted’s fucking sleeping AGAIN. Called “Aunt Pat” (she was just my mom’s best friend when I was 5- haven’t seen her since I was that age and she lives in Seattle)  – I’ll see her Wednesday weird funky shit going down in the city…

June 19th – cloudy, slept late, burritos for breakfast. Still bored. Camping out with Bruce and Steph, as we are doing now – writing by firelight. Drinking beer.

June 20th Wednesday. Going to see Aunt Pat…getting in the car now….Seeing Pat was interesting. The age difference was a barrier and she just kept talking….

June 21st – slept late, got shit to do cleaning and yard work. Whee!  Gonna record some of Jenn’s music tonight – leave tomorrow early morning.  Recording Thomas Dolby and Blondie tonite.”

– end

The next day I would board the ferry north, wouldn’t set foot on land until I was  in Alaska.

But that’s episode One.2


To the pilot episode 

Next Episode

  1. Sahm Ataine King says:

    What of this terrible prose? Inquiring – and possibly poetic – minds would like to see! PLEASE?!

  2. […] The Alaska Journals – Episode One.1 […]

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