AT “and” T and the “Invisible Cord” Makes Me Want to Scream

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Humor
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So bumbling dear old dad needs to connect his laptop to the internets.  He has forlornly come out of the other room, needing an “internet cord”.  Can’t seem to grasp that something known as Wifi can connect him to the magic pipes and tubes without a “cord”.  His wise beyond her years teen age daughter finally calms his increasingly strident requests for an “internet cord” by sagely advising him “Dad, the cord’s invisible”.

My nails are digging into the table at this point. Blood pressure rising. I exclaim uncontrollably, “Oh dammit, not this AGAIN.”

Five minutes later a Facebook commenter makes a sly reference to this same commercial, and this post is born

Gods, I hate this commercial. That man is nowhere near old enough to have not been exposed to this technology. Anyone know someone that age who has no idea what a cell phone is? Hell, cordless home phones have been around for ages (relatively speaking).  He looks to be not all that much older than I am, and I just hacked my friend’s neighbor’s wifi router – I am using that hijacked connection NOW to type this

I’m insulted, offended. AT&T, do you realize you are harming the shows you sponsor with this? I change channels when I see it to avoid another exposure to it’s insipid stupidity.

That is all.



If your Wifi passphrase is the same as your SSID, you deserve to be hacked.


Adding  to my rant, er blog… If I use an “&”  in my title do NOT use the  HTML  escape character’  in the goram title when I share it through Facebook etc.

Bah. goodnight.


Oh, for gods sake,  STILL?  ” &” in my title?   replacing with “and” so this damn character won’t corrupt the title of this post .

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