This is to all the other good men out there.

That which we love is under attack.  Not the NFL or NHL, not NASCAR, not beer, not hot wings, not motorcycles or dogs. Rock and Roll? Doing fine. So what’s taking fire? Who needs our strength and honor?

Our sluts and prostitutes.  Or – According to Rush Limbaugh all women who use contraception. Rather, our mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, and daughters to rational people. If we stand silent while the rabid religious right continues their onslaught of hate and lies and domination we cannot call ourselves “men”.  We are bigger, we are stronger, but we are not “better”.

Remember how we protect the “weaker sex”?  First on the lifeboats, first out of a burning house, we hold the door for them and defer to their compassion and kindness.  How many of us express outrage when we hear stories of a woman beaten by her husband, of  a teen girl gang raped, we say to ourselves, “If  I had been there, I would have stopped that.” or ” I would kick that guy’s ass.”

I,  for one, won’t take it anymore. This man is  standing up and saying “Enough. This ends with me.”  Taking a quote from “They Live” (one of the best ever terrible sci-fi movies, IMHO)  “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… and I’m all out of bubblegum. “

You want to go after our sluts and prostitutes?  The women I love? You’re going to have to go through me first.

Think about it.


Please see “I love women. My Mom was one. Not that there’s anything wrong with that”

And “Rush Delivery”

And “The Littlest, Cutest  Terrorists – The Girl Scouts”


  1. ezriderstill says:

    Why is this turd with a microphone still on the air???

  2. Mrs. Chili says:

    I am officially in love with you.

  3. Raul Mcguirk says:

    Wohh just what I was looking for, regards for putting up.

  4. John Eden says:

    Hi – Just dropped in to check out your blog… WordPress says you’re following mine. Don’t have time right now to read much, working on a couple of things at once! But just scanning, looks promising! I like your style and your point of view! I’ll be back! Thanks for following…!

  5. nwoslave says:

    “First on the lifeboats, first out of a burning house, we hold the door for them and defer to their compassion and kindness.”

    Isn’t this the definition of a slave? The masters life comes before my own. I will defer to my masters?

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the kindness and compassion the willingness to sacrifice ones life to save another? You make it sound as if women allowing men to die for them is some great act of kindness and compassion on their part to which men should defer.

    • Matt Johnsen says:

      I will correct you, and you are wrong. Slaves would be left to die in a fire. They would be abandoned on a sinking ship. They are…er… were replaceable property.
      Read it again.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you so much for being a man. I can not imagine why any man would support this trash against women. Would they want their daughter to have to carry her rapist baby and consider it a gift of God, after a brutal rape. Well, that is what will happen if they vote for the person that said it. Why do you think women need birth control? Men! If they did not have sex with husbands unless they wanted to create babies, who would really suffer??? Men!! Call us sluts when we want to provide a loving environment and please our husbands. Who is going to suffer if we decide we don’t want to be called sluts? Men!Vote against our group health insurance paying for our prescription of birth control pills? Who suffers? Let the men that vote against it pay for them or not have sex. They make it sound as though tax payers are paying for us sluts to have sex and want to view it on TV! All because we want a prescription covered that everyone uses. How many prescriptions does a men get that are not covered by their insurance?Enough said!!! Yes, I am a women’s advocate and will always be because I am a women, I have a daughter, a son, and a grandson. I do not want them living in a world that does not respect women. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR SPEAKING UP ABOUT THIS!!!! I am grateful and wish more men would speak up for the women in their families.

  6. shelley1laysi says:

    Hi there everybody. We are organizing in all 50 states and some are broken down more for this event by cities…(and we have an Overseas Group also) We would love to have you all join our movement even if you are not able to make this one…Your support is so important to us…Some people are even assisting from their bedside in show of support …Please ….., feel free to Message or Friend me if I can assist you in anyway…I would love to get you joined up in your area and lending your support:)
    Here are the links to get you started:
    For Overseas:
    OR USA

  7. Thank you for this! It’s about damn time some of the GOOD men I know are out there start speaking up! I have had SO many arguments with my own husband over this. And he wonders why he’s sleeping alone right now. =)

    He gets especially mad when my daughter gets to listen to me talk about these issues and then she (13 years old!) goes looking for google news articles and such and is trying to understand what’s going on!

    Thank you SO much for this! You have my respect, MJ.

    • J-Hi says:

      Good for you, for teaching your daughter about all this, and for standing up for yourself. Even if that means sleeping alone, or that he is sleeping alone.:) The personal is political, and the political always becomes personal. If he can’t see why this stuff affects you and your daughter, then he’ll just have to go without the “goods” he takes for granted. You’re not alone in your actions right now. My mother just told me this is a long-standing practice of women to withhold if she can’t get the support necessary to sustain her needs. And these are NEEDS, not wants, NEEDS!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just a thought: At first these people/parties where clammoring about cutting women’s health care ( pre-natal inutero ultra sound). Now they are attacking birth control, yet they are not attacking Viagra useage. Hmmmmmm…..

    • jfeden4 says:

      Clearly, we live in a patriarchy where these things are not even part of the dialogue. I think those guys – politicos and their lackeys – are so buried in BS that they literally are unable to see that there’s an inconsistency here…

  9. Whitejaguarkat says:

    I want to thank you for standing with us! There are good men out there. I truly and honestly Thank
    You for your support.

  10. J-Hi says:

    Ha. Kinda funny. This whole thread is written by women thanking a man for writing this. Not ONE man responds–except that dipshit going off on some tangent about some crazy slave crap missing the point entirely and confusing everyone altogether, including himself. Sorry, I just don’t see men supporting women in becoming empowered. It’s not to their benefit, because they figure if women gain power, they’ll have to lose theirs. So, to the three men out in there in the world who sincerely want to fight the oppression of women and would see them as equals, thank you. You are more rare than a white rhino, and have always been throughout human history, I am sure. And a man who actually speaks up in behalf of women’s rights is even more rare. Sorry, ladies, it’s entirely our fight. We can’t be looking for men to rescue us anymore for anything. We gotta save ourselves and each other.

    • John Eden says:

      Hey, J-Hi! What about me? I’m a man, I responded twice… and I’m not the bat-shit crazy guy who didn’t get it. And… I have for a very long time considered myself a feminist, even tho my wife is not really one, and one of my proudest moments is realizing that my daughter is a strong, powerful, awesome woman and a feminist – and both of my sons are very much supportive of feminism. Not in my own defense, more in defense of men… there are men who hate oppression of women… so we’re in this together. As long as women are oppressed, men are not free.

  11. jack aungst says:

    this is just unbelivable this is happening in america why are women seen as possecions when they are expected to do the dirty work at home go out and bring in their share of income . they have a child by mutual agrement carry it for 9 months afterwords they have to lug it and the diaper bag while he whines because he had to drive her to the hospital e. r. because the kid is sick. women should be on a petastil for living with the conseteed prick especially if he is a fu#####g member of the GOP ladies if you dont kick these guy ass you are going to be indentured servants this not fear mongoring this is the begining of the fall of our civilisation

  12. […] see The Silence of the Men – men stand up and fight for the women you […]

  13. […] back in March, a friend of mine wrote a short but powerfully persuasive piece about why he stands up, and about why more men should (it made me well up when I first read it, and […]

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