Bifrost Bridge – Valhalla, Not Yet For Me. But I’ve Seen It

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Stories
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The Thinking Viking is half Norwegian,and has always loved mythology.  I even took an elective in college “Norse Mythology”. Got an “A”.

So imagine my surprise when a piece of that showed up right in front of me. Bifrost. The bridge to Valhalla. A tad ominous. And I had my camera with me.

You may be asking, why is this guy upset over a rainbow? It’s not like considered a bad omen…

Well, when it ends in the field right in front of you looking for all the world like a bridge to the Hall of the Gods, it’s different. And more so when you almost died recently (That’s another story).

No, it’s not Photoshopped.  Just weird conditions.  Late afternoon, storm came in from the east, and was very intense but also very localized.  Setting sun hits the remnant of this and…a rainbow that looks like it is springing out of the ground in front of me.

Anyhow, Odin, Thor, et al, all y’all in Valhalla, I may be coming, but not any time soon.  Thanks for the invite.

Always wanted to meet a Valkyrie.


  1. Jeff Bowen says:

    Reblogged this on Get 2 See and commented:

    Amazing rainbow shots! I’ve never seen the end like that

  2. source says:

    You need to really moderate the responses at this site

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