Mildly paranoid tonight.  Blame it on the movie Code 2600 that I saw this evening.

You’ve seen the ads.  Hapless drivers respond with joy when their new car parallel parks itself.  Another clueless motorist is saved from dozing and veering of the road.  Radar keeps another from following to close.  Crash-detection automatically rings up help and communicates this to you via built-in cellular with speakerphone.  Cool, right?  These are good uses of technology, right?

What I see is someone who never learned to park, someone who shouldn’t be driving when exhausted,  an habitual tail-gater and a system that could easily be used to spy or worse – shut down your car and lock you in, right as the assassins take aim.  A little extreme on the last, but low-jacking is more common than you might think.  I recommend a watch of the series “Bait Car” to see what they already can do.

Want safe travel? Take mass transit. It’s almost automated.  Want to travel the highway in a personal automobile?  Drive responsibly, don’t rely on technology to make you safer, do it yourself.  OK, for the most part the crash-and-call-911 thing seems OK. Creepy if you  think about the fact that it could easily record anything you say in your car, and you will only find it in cars that can be remotely operated, but it will probably save some lives.

On the way to the movie, my passenger  plugged in a Garmin GPS to the USB port on my car stereo for charging, and next thing I know it stopped playing from my 8 gig SD card and switched to the tuner. This is the same GPS that, when scanned by my PC, had 14 viruses.  That’s right, viruses on a GPS unit, and car stereos with USB ports. Car stereos that could be in cars with full-time internet or satellite access and removable media in the 8 gig range.  I could plug my phone into that same USB port (I don’t actually – I use the car charger. It’s faster) . My phone that is basically a mini computer.

Think about it.

Skynet, anyone?

I’ll park my car all by myself, thank you.


  1. Thanks for helping out, fantastic info .

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