It’s 1988. I’m a teenager, living with Mom.

Things are kind of rocky.  I’m turning into my Dad. The man she divorced when I was five. The genes just have too much power. I talk like him, even argue like he did.  It is driving her nuts.

Anyhow, we had just gotten into a huge fight about some bullshit.  Probably my untidy bedroom or leaving car parts on the table.

Then it happens.

Those words. Five words.  She is about to regret not thinking more about what she is saying.

She says “You son of a bitch!”

I had just walked into my bedroom.  I turn and grin.

“You’re right, mom.”

The look on her face as it sunk in was priceless.  I just shut the door, slowly. The grin won’t go away.

(Charlie Sheen would say I was “WINNING!”)

I wish she could say those five words to me today.  Cancer sucks.


  1. MT says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, MJ

    *hugs* ~ Michelle

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