2.5 servings per container?  Who in the hell splits up a bottle of Vitamin Water into 2.5 fucking servings? Yet this bottle of Vitamin Water seems to think I’m supposed to get accurate nutritional information based on drinking 60ml of it? The conspiracy deepens. There’s an asterisk.

There’s always an asterisk, it seems. This particular one is the standard “part of a 2,000 calorie diet” thing.  But it is another symptom of s subtle illusion we live in. Vitamin Water list itself at 50 calories – not bad.  Ahem, 50 calories “per serving”. But 2.5 servings per – guzzled -down-all-at-once bottle.  It’s not quite the Matrix, but let us continue.

Look around you, at your cupboards, in your fridge.  Look at the labels.  Think about just how much of these things you consume. Read the serving size

Then think about why you chose that product.  Someone paid someone money to advertise it, so even if you chose it because it was your family staple as a kid, advertising played a role.

Don’t worry, all the other products are just as deceptive, so it’s not like you had much of a choice. It is part of why we consume so many calories.

Anyhow, I just juiced a about 4 pounds of oranges, mixed in some seltzer, and tada! Orange soda with only two ingredients.

Try it, you’ll like it!


Please see Fat Kids (part one, although at the time  I didn’t realize a sequel was in the works)

  1. Saul Fimbrez says:

    You made some decent points there. I looked on the internet for the topic and found most persons will agree with your website.

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