How Steak Should Be Done if You Don’t Have a Charcoal Grill

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Most Popular, Recipes
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Ok, here’s my super-great steak -mushroom-potato meal indoors with no BBQ grille recipe (adaptable to outdoor grilling – just be sure you keep the mushroom slices big enough not to fall through the grill).

1 12-16 oz boneless rib eye. New York Strip alternate.

1 large Portobello mushroom/ half carton baby Portobello

1 large russet potato

4 slices bacon

steak sauce

Worcestershire sauce

balsamic vinegar

12 oz can of Coke

12 oz beer (something clear, no stouts etc)

olive oil

black pepper

sea salt

Marinade the steak in equal parts Coke and Beer (lager, nothing fancy, “clear” ), with generous helpings of A1 (or your favorite  steak/bbq sauce), ( I used about 6-8 tablespoons and tossed some Tapitito hot sauce in too) Worcestershire sauce and a couple of table spoons – hmm several tables spoons balsamic vinegar. 1 tablespoon+ fresh ground pepper and a pinch of sea salt. Save a half cup or so of this for the shrooms. – let steak soak covered at room temp for at least three hours. The acidity of the mix will prevent bacteria growth, don’t worry.

Slice shroom into long strips and soak in the rest of the marinade. Get all pieces well soaked, leave it soaking until ready to start cooking.

Cook and eat 2 slices of bacon, keep the grease – cast iron skillet best.  Time to preheat oven to BROIL.

Remove mushroom from marinade and brush/shake with olive oil until coated (seals in goodness).

Sautee mushrooms in bacon grease until they just begin to darken and soften – remove and save.

Turn up heat on skillet little past medium, remove steak from marinade and sear both sides in bacon grease/mushroom juice in skillet. maybe thirty seconds a side.

Put steak on broiling pan/grill – put remaining bacon on top of steak like a blanket and cover it all with sautéed shrooms.

Broil 5 minutes – remove shrooms and bacon, flip steak, put the shrooms and bacon back on -bacon on top this time, broil 5 more minutes.

This should give a barely medium rare, juicy steak. Increase cooking as needed for less rareness.

While the steak is cooking freaking microwave the potato and warm up /soften some butter for it.

Eat the steak with a piece of mushroom in each bite – alternating with buttered potato bites.

Enjoy with a cold beer or a glass of Petit Sirah or Cabernet.



  1. YES. THANK YOU. I have been using coke as a steak marinade for years and it is unparalleled. The high acidity makes the steak so much more tender. Also, I have spent hours googling “how to pan sear steak”. I never really figured it out and still don’t have a grill. I am really appreciative of this post (if you can’t tell).

  2. […] The Recipe! Adapted from this recipe […]

    • Matt Johnsen says:

      which recipe is that? I just winged it. turned out great. repeated, wrote it down

      • Dottie Donut says:

        Sorry about the pingback! I have no control over that….

        Anyways, I had some bison tri-tip that needed a marinade, remembered reading this post, and decided to try it. I had to modify because I just didn’t have some of the ingredients, and I wanted to use the grill.

        Anyways, thanks for sharing! You saved me much time from going through ump-teen marinade recipes. The bison came out very yummy, even with modifications. I will try it this way next round!

  3. I have tried many marinades before for meat, but this one tops them all! The meat almost melts in your mouth. The ingredients orchestrate a perfectly harmonious flavor. The only thing I did differently was to add Sriracha hot chile sauce. Otherwise I followed the recipe to the letter.

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