On the news tonight, a five minute sponsored spot on a local liposuction clinic.  They went on and on about “body fat” and how with our busy lives – specifically mentioning “driving the kids around”, that we don’t have the time to exercise, that it’s somehow “not your fault” if you carry extra weight.  Right afterwards, an ad for Poppa Murphy’s pizza.  Then an ad for some reduced calorie cookies or some such. And then…Taco Bell.

Now, before I’m flamed by people with pituitary problems or other medical issues, or with naturally large body types, I understand.  I don’t care if you’re fat. Really, I don’t care.  This isn’t about that.

It’s about expensive food that is made to have less …”food value”. What gets me is that millions of Americans pay a premium for “low-calorie” food.  This just baffles me. .  Is it that important to have a stuffed belly that we eat food that is deliberately made to be not nourishing?

Why do we eat, again?  Oh, because we will die if we don’t. It’s also pleasing to eat good food, but that isn’t my point. We must have calories to live. I think our primitive ancestors would be confused by “diet” foods as well, as they pursued the calorie in ways we can’t really appreciate.

But now, diet food is a massive industry.  Liposuction is so routine it was a major part of the movie Fight Club.  Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, yada yada yada have followers and customers who are legion. We pay more to get less. How many foods have the word “lite” on their labels?  As we sit in front of the TV,  doctors tell us “it’s too hard” to lose weight without their magic fat sucking machine.  And ad after ad for low-calorie food. Pricey non-fat yogurt.  Foods with filler “cellulose” instead of something digestible- in other words – we’re being fed …wood.  Sawdust in a different form.   Followed by fast food ads and ads for chocolate puffed with air advertised as smooth – when in fact they get to sell you less chocolate for more money.  There’s that word again – money. Money talks, folks, and people listen and buy.

Anyhow, I’m going to eat a salad with dressing I made myself and then, after it settles, I’m going for a run.


  1. jfeden4 says:

    Nailed it!
    I’ve often wondered at that phenomena – it’s not just calories, but anything they leave out so they can tell us it’s healthier ‘cuz they left it out, they charge more for. And we pay more for. Duh.

  2. Hey, did you read my mind today?

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