This is Who I Am

In the interest of full disclosure… I’m only half Norwegian, I hold a Bachelor’s in Biology (pre-med), and an un-credited minor in Philosophy from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Dad was a chemist (he was the Norwegian)   –   Mom?  Schoolteacher to  “gifted and talented” elementary school students.  I’m very “American” – but you’ll have to read my posts to understand what that means, it is a word that’s been twisted around a lot lately. I’m non violent but not a pacifist, and have broken 3/5″  thick boards with my fist (well, that did kinda hurt). I tend to eat organic foods (but I am an affirmed carnivore, make no mistake).  I run, ‘cycle and lift  for exercise. I’m looking at 42.. wait..2014…  44! yes, looking at 44.. (recent birthday)  with my eyes wide open.    I bake bread and pies, fix computers and cars, befriend animals, take pictures, and frankly, I cook my own food most of the time.  I have a bird(2014 – now deceased  :( ), bunch of good friends, and I miss my cat, Merlin , who I had to leave behind when I moved years ago(now replaced with a 15 pound “tuxedo” cat named “Pedro – mini leopard, not fat).  I am a pretty good shot with a handgun, rifle, shotgun and bow, but rarely use these skills.  (note: have since purchased archery equipment and gotten very good again) I love fishing, but also rarely do it. I’m a man who loves women, but I don’t give a rat’s ass which gender you happen to love or identify yourself as.  Huge sci-fi/fantasy fan but not the type to dress up unless it is Halloween. I drive a mildly hot rod Subaru. I am atheist, but behave as a Christian, a real one.

I am a peaceful warrior.

I am The Thinking Viking.



you can find me on face book at


rev 7/6/2014

  1. Mrs. Chili says:

    I can’t find an email contact, so I’m asking you here; do you facebook?

  2. Marsie Sroka says:

    Bounced around your site for awhile. You are quite amazing, but I guess you already know that.

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